Seven months have passed since I attended my first C&C at Brescia. Since then the scene has made a long way, in the end only to return to the place where it all started. Fortunately though, nothing has changed.

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From Alpine to Zagato, the most iconic and exotic brands were all present in even larger numbers, compared to the past meets, to celebrate the last event of the year and as always the amount of passion involved was through the roof; nothing more was needed to make up every enthusiasts’ perfect day. Some could say we like things simple…

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Let’s not forget about the location either. Surrounded by nothing but fields for miles, Saint Mary’s abbey proved itself to be the perfect choice. What better than a 12th century orchard to hold a car gathering, right? As it turned out the good old walls made quite the impression in contrast with the modern era machineries; the atmosphere allowed for some pretty great shots too.

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The display of cars was as always impressive, almost too much to bear as the sight of a single one o them there would have made the day of every single kid randomly passing by. This doesn’t mean there were no hidden gems to be found though. The one Ferrari 575 GTZ was one of the most elegant cars of the event (and also the very first one I ever saw) and was accompanied by no less than a F40 and a Enzo, not to even mention the unmistakable figure of a Diablo GT that immediately followed at the gate.

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So yes, some could argue that not much, or maybe nothing has changed but sometimes simple is all you need, and honestly I couldn’ t ask for more. This is Cars and Coffee Italy and we look forward to a great 2016.

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Words: Luca Cassetta
Images: Luca Cassetta – Andrea Macchi


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