No matter what your job is, your passions are, no matter what you do in your life, it’s always good to take a breath of fresh air, try something new and see where these new experiences bring you. Time Attack was that breath of fresh air for me.

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Seeing a new form of motorsport, and especially one that i love so much, hitting the straights of the Temple of Speed was to me nothing short of a joy.

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The popularity of the event was testified by the number of people coming from all over Italy to witness street and proto machines doing battle to the last attempt to come out on top. Free access to the paddock and pitlane along with  the possibility to see the teams at work in their natural environment added to that grassroots factor that makes this form of motorsport so entertaining and enjoyable.

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The variety of teams, too, confirmed how much one of the most JDM  creations picked up in popularity in the international scene . From Switzerland to Greece a lot of private teams alongside a wide variety of cars made the pilgrimage to Monza in the attempt to post the best lap time and be crowned King, title that ultimately went to Gualtiero Branco and his mighty Nissan GTR.

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At the end of the day the event proved itself worthy of the name it bears and one a true car enthusiast should definetely be attending during the upcoming 2016 season, confident it’ll grow even more thanks to the efforts, passion and dedication people continously pour into the ever-evolving motorsport scene.

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Words: Luca Cassetta
Images: Luca Cassetta – Andrea Macchi


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