Although lately affected by serious economical and management issues the Temple of Speed, as the track came to be known throughout the years, remains the number one destination for every enthusiast wishing to make the maximum out of a week-end driving his car along Italy’s fastest straights or simply enjoy the numerous events taking place at the track every month.

2The Autodromo hosts tenths of events every year…


12… from track days and GT Championships to Time Attack Challenges and even occasional Cars and Coffee type of meetings.

5It’s racing, nothing personal. This driver knows it and made sure that everybody behind him knew that too.

6 7Wheter you prefer historic races, GT machines or crazy Group C prototypes straight out of the 80’s there’s definitely going to be an event that’ll meet your tastes.

8Want to stretch your legs in between races? Just take a walk in the park surrounding the track and simply enjoy the view.

9Track days are among the most popular events. The paddock gets filled up pretty quickly and stays that way from early in the morning up until closure time in the evening.

10It’s during these occasions that you might get the chance to spot some hidden gems out in the wild, like this fully-tuned BNR-34 in Bayside Blue guise. It took patience and a lot of time for the crowd gathered around it to finally clear out so that I could take the shot.

11Sometimes getting the perfect image requires climbing the bank of the old racetrack. And in case you’re wondering, yes, it’s steeper than it looks

14The pits are my favourite spots in the entire circuit.

13 4Some people only care about what happens on the track, but that’s only the top of the iceberg. It’s in the pit lane where preparations are made, decisions taken and modifications done.

15 16It’s the perfect place to take a glimpse at what’s behind the curtains, at the massive work required to keep the show going.

18This is the Temple of Speed today, a passion and tradition-filled place where epic battles between mythical heroes were fought, where people like me can go to dream and feel, even for a bit, like these heroes; but the structure is old and outdated and most of its premier events are at risk. It’s time to stop resting on past glories and bridge the gap to the modern era in order to make sure the future generations of automotive enthusiast can enjoy and feel what we did.


Words: Luca Cassetta
Images: Luca Cassetta 


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