It was the year 1976; all over the world an array of Porsche 934 conquered FIA Championships and endurance races while in France, Stuttgart’s newly bred war steed, the 935, was about to enter the myth after dominating LeMans 24 Hours in 1979. In 1977, following these two machines’ success, Porsche decided to give birth to yet another competition-slaying creation. The 934.5 was born.


Based on the 934 platform, the 934.5 maintains the powerful single KKK turbo fed, 590hp flat six while adopting the aerodynamic solutions of her big sister, featuring the unmistakable rear wing and overfenders. Although Porsche built only 10 934.5s, its achievements guaranteed that its name would have been carved forever in the history of racing.

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Today, Time Attack competitor and Porsche aficionado Pierantonio Macola has decided to follow in Porsche’s footsteps to build and race his very own 934.5.

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The car, based on a 1983 Porsche 911 Turbo, sports an upgraded bodykit featuring the same exaggerated rear wing and overfenders of the old 934.5. The 70’s flavour goes from the tip of the wing ‘til down to the ground onto which the car sits on massive 245/45 R16 front and 316/35 R17 rear Roin Technology rims, wrapped in semi-slick R888 Toyo Tyres.

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To improve the handling the brakes, both rotors and pads, as well as the suspension system have been replaced with competition parts. Under the hood rests the almost completely stock 3.3 litres air-cooled flat six turbo engine, mated to a 4 speed manual transmission.

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The interior has been almost completely stripped down. Replaced door panels, dashboard and covers help shave unnecessary weight while a pair of Recaro bucket seats and 5-points harnesses ensure that the driver stay safe during those track sessions. Behind the unmistakably Porsche looking dashboard, featuring additional oil and boost pressure gauges, the original steering wheel has been replaced with a more suitable three-spokes one.

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This yellow Porsche proved itself well worthy of the name it bears, winning at Imola and Adria and ending up second place overall in its category during last year’s Italian Time Attack Championship, definitely bringing more glory to the 934.5 myth.

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Words: Luca Cassetta
Images: Luca Cassetta – Andrea Macchi


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